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RoadPlus AI

RoadPlus integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in road maintenance and management system (RMMS), a systematic approach for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the operations of maintenance. RoadPlus aims to provide an automated road inspection solution, a simple reporting platform and a one-stop cost effective solution which applies only smartphone for automated inspection process. It revolutionises the conventional manual inspection process which requires many tedious paper works and intensive human resource. RoadPlus clients such as government agencies, municipals and road concessionaires can just subscribe to our RoadPlus Data services based on demand basis with affordable packages. There is no expensive hardware or no technical/operation team required. RoadPlus has been proven to capable in tracking potholes and assuring them to be fixed within 24hours. RoadPlus offers a cost effective end-to-end solution from inspecting to reporting.

Company Name

Neuon AI Sdn Bhd


Bina Negara

3 Pilots
Federal and State Road Concessionaire
Successful deployment with JKR Sarawak. Enroll 10 RMUs units throughout Sarawak since September 2021
Raised RM 2 million funding. RM250,000 from MOSTI, through Cradle Fund
RM500,00 Audited Revenue
10 research collaborations with local and international universities/research institutes
3 industry partners. 6 local (Sarawak) road concessionaires

Inspecting 1100KM of Sarawak road per month

Pilot project is selected to be implemented under Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia

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