$LICA is known Logistic Interface Computive Automation, is an application that engage on data gathering and monitoring item resources and logistic in the form of supply-chain. Each data gathering process shall be done automatically which allows the data to be monitored in real-time. This LICA application is able to generates a network of supply-chain that allows the tracking to become much easier and able to monitor the flow of supply network activity in real-time. Inspired by ‘Automated Data Gathering and Development’ methodology where most planning can be execute efficiently with efficient data gathering.

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Duckarts Studio

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Problem Statement 1

10,000 registered teachers & 250,000 registered students

Average time spent within the app is 57 minutes per user per day

More than 1 million questions are answered in the Pandai app on a monthly basis

A total of RM8.5 million in early-stage investment from global investors

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