Year 2020 saw the birth of MYHackathon, announced by the Malaysian Prime Minister and spearheaded by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. This is a hackathon involving not only technopreneurs, innovators and subject matter experts but also concerned Malaysians from all walks of life, to come together to co-create digital solutions that will help improve the delivery of key government services.

MYHackathon, which was initially under the PENJANA programme, is now an initiative under the MYStartup initiative to tackle big and real national challenges in serving the Rakyat. In 2020, MYHackathon was “Malaysia’s first National Hackathon”; and is one of the biggest hackathons nationally, covering six states thematically with over RM4million in prizes.” This year, MYHackathon 2022 brings new challenges and the same excitement in a new format.

Participants can expect the same intensity of problem statements from ministries, agencies, and units of the Malaysian government. We hope participants will also be excited for the 8 days of masterclass sessions and for the one-on-one mentoring sessions by our dedicated MYHackathon team.

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MYHackathon 2022

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