The MYHackathon 2022 & MYStartup Hackathon 2022 programmes are national level hackathon programmes created by the Malaysian Government to help Digitalize Government Service Deliveries. These are programmes organised by Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. (“Cradle”) and the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (“MOSTI”).

MYHackathon is in its second year running. During MYHackathon 2020, there were 18 winning teams who have each received a RM 250,000 conditional grant from Cradle to help them further develop their winning solutions and bring it to the pilot deployment stage with their end ministry/ agency.

The MYHackathon 2022 programme is designed to help solve problems. The problem statements for MYHackathon will come from Malaysian Government Ministries & Agencies. Meanwhile, the problem statements for the MYStartup Hackathon will be designed to help solve corporate company problem statements.

All the MYHackathon  problem statements to be solved are rakyat centric. We are trying to make ordinary Malaysia citizens' lives easier by solving the digitalisation needs of the government & the corporations, making Rakyat interactions with them easier, thus saving time & resources.

The theme for MYHackathon 2022 is "Hackathon Nasional untuk Malaysia Inklusif".

The MYHackathon 2022 & MYStartup Hackathon 2022 programmes will be hosted using the Hybrid Physical Format. All participants from all over Malaysia can chose to either attend physically at event venues (location to be confirmed) or attend online via the programme’s official video conferencing link that will be provided on the participants website portal and official social media channels.

The programme is open to participants in two (2) categories:

  1. Team Category
    1. All team members must be over 18 years old, open to all Malaysians (other nationalities cannot participate).
    2. Each team should have a minimum of 2 people, and a maximum of 5 people.
    3. Each team must appoint a team leader. (Team leader CANNOT be changed throughout the MYHackathon program, both before and even after announced as winner).
    4. The team leader must be a key decision maker for the team.
    5. If your team wins, it will be required for the team to register a new Sdn. Bhd. company. This is to fulfil all Conditional Grant matters from Cradle. The team leader must be the main person in the company & hold at least 51% of shares in the Sdn. Bhd. company.
    6. If your team wins, the Team Leader as the majority shareholder will sign all the documents regarding the Conditional Grant with Cradle.
  1. Company Category
    1. All companies must be registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) (company type either Sdn. Bhd., PLT or Enterprise).
    2. A majority of the company share ownership (of 51% and above) must be owned by Malaysian citizen.
    3. The company must be founded less than 5 years ago (cut-off date of: 31 May 2017).
    4. The total sales of the company since its inception to this day must be less than RM 5.0 million.
    5. Each company must appoint a team leader. (Team leader CANNOT be changed throughout the MYHackathon program, both before and even after announced as winner).
    6. The team leader must be a majority shareholder of the company and is a key decision maker.
    7.  If your team wins, the Team Leader as the majority shareholder will sign all the documents regarding the Conditional Grant matters with Cradle.

Only the Team Leader needs to register online to join the programme. This applies to both Team and Company categories. Team members information does not need to be registered yet during this early period.

After the team leader has completed the online registration, the team leader shall be given access to enter the MYHackathon portal. On the MYHackathon portal, the team leader can access all information including the problem statements, mentor lists, event dates, and the submission deadline. All mentoring sessions can also be scheduled through this portal.

The problem statements for the hackathon will be released together with the event dates soon. This information will be available on the MYHackathon website & on all of Cradle's official social media platforms. All team members will be emailed on the problem statements & event dates. This information will also be made public.

The prize package for the winners & the number of winning teams will be announced soon. Please register for the programme online & we will send all the information and updates to your registered email.

All team members are welcome to attend the hybrid physical, the online launch event, and the final pitch event.

However for all online masterclasses & mentoring sessions, it is only mandatory for the team leader to attend the online masterclasses & mentoring sessions. These sessions will be done through the MYHackathon portal and will only allow for a single login access, (access to the online portal is only granted to the team leader due to systems requirements).

There will be section in the MYHackathon online portal where the team leader can do the project submission (both for Teams & Company categories). During this submission process, all information needs to be submitted, including names of all members, and other details required.

We thank you for your kind interest. For more information, you can email us at, and our dedicated team will be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding the programme.

See you all soon in MYHackathon 2022 & MYStartup Hackathon 2022!

Kind Regards,
MYHackathon 2022 & MYStartup Hackathon 2022 Secretariat Team
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