MYHackathon - Digitalising Government Services


HAVVA is able to provide end-to-end solution to the users from home to commercial scale farming. This is because we have put 5 most effective and efficient farming techniques together. Innovated and developed components and equipment to make it work. Test each system design and develop a set of SOP. Anyone without any farming experience would be able to grow consistently like an expert using HAVVA’s system. MYHackathon enables HAVVA to build a digital platform that allows us to connect potential and existing users to our Intelligent Smart Farming solutions. Besides providing online support on all technicalities, we also link them to peer growers and end users.

Company Name

HAVVA Agrotech Sdn Bhd


Bina Negara

Won IKTBN Indoor Farming Project with IOT integration

Won Manong Project with IOT integration

Developed digital platform to implement IOT integration

Build the core digital platform to link up farmers and end consumer when Manong project is completed

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