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AgriData is in the business of transforming the way consumers and businesses interact with their groceries. We start with empowering farmers and livestock breeders by going into profitable and stable contracts to buy their produce at fixed prices. We also provide training and funding for these farmers to apply modern farming technologies to improve their yield and quality. We then store and transport these foods and distribute them to partner businesses, including modern retailers, traditional markets, HORECA, food manufacturers and our re-sellers. AgriData connect people and food with the use of technology. Our goals are strengthening our national food security and digitalising and data-fying the agriculture supply chain.

Company Name

AgriData Portal Sdn Bhd


Bina Negara

15 tonnes of produce moved in 4 months

RM130,000 revenue generated in 4 months. RM250,000 from MOSTI, through Cradle Fund

MOU signed with Ex-CEO of Tanihub

Customer base: 100% growth MOM

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