Cohort 1 Winners

Problem Statement 1


Team Name : Duckarts Studio

$LICA is known Logistic Interface Computive Automation, is an application that engage on data gathering and monitoring item resources and logistic in the form of supply-chain. Each data gathering process shall be done automatically which allows the data to be monitored in real-time. This LICA application is able to generates a network of supply-chain that allows the tracking to become much easier and able to monitor the flow of supply network activity in real-time. Inspired by ‘Automated Data Gathering and Development’ methodology where most planning can be execute efficiently with efficient data gathering.

Problem Statement 2


Team Name : Kapitani Sdn. Bhd.

Kapitani Analytics Platform (KAP) aims to become an agriculture superapp that address all agriculture stakeholders i.e smallholder farmers, breeder, aquaculture, policymaker and regulator , requirements. As such, it is critical to ensure the integrity of the data being collected and aggregated through the KAP data pipeline is at the highest standard and accuracy. We see an opportunity in utilizing the Malaysia Good Agriculture Practise (MyGAP) Certification data as it is a verified, validated and audited data by Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia. From the farmlevel observation, we see the potential of utilizing KAP as a platform to digitalize MyGAP and could further improve the certification adoption.

Problem Statement 3


Team Name : Kapitani Sdn. Bhd.

Penggunaan eksoskeleton untuk membantu proses mengait buah sawit.

Problem Statement 4


Team Name : A2TECH SDN. BHD.

These are the key components of ARTEMIS based on SNR requirement :

1. In the event of no lighting, and everything could be covered in thick layers of grey dust, it makes visibility very difficult. In order to further impede victim recognition, potential risks planning, correct mapping, sensor and artificial intelligence integration are required.

2. The SNR will need a safety harness, where it should be replaced with a communications tether sturdy enough to act as a safety rope.

3. SNR Robots was developed with sufficient waterproofing to permit decontamination and to operate in water and rain.

4. An operator can received real-time from the control unit and also a contain record and playback video capabilities.

5. SNR is capable to work with a superior ability to flex, reach, and work within enclosed spaces without disturbing its surrounding environment.

Problem Statement 5

Drone Detection System (DDS)

Team Name : FlyBots Technology

DDS solution detects the drone using a High Spec Camera (with thermal imaging) and LiDAR sensor. DDS A.I. Monitoring and Control System will process the sensor source. Early notification and action will be executed once DDS detects the intruder.