JomBaca is a mobile apps for students to record their books (like NILAM) but with more enhanced features like gamification, leaderboard, books rating, books recommendation, collected points, they can redeem to get e-wallet & TELCO top-up & many other cool features to attract students to read. The students can see all the books listing from every library (school library or local library in their area), so they easily go there & get points whenever they enter the library. We had developed the POC for the said mobile apps & can be further improved with the direction of KPM.

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Problem Statement 1

10,000 registered teachers & 250,000 registered students

Average time spent within the app is 57 minutes per user per day

More than 1 million questions are answered in the Pandai app on a monthly basis

A total of RM8.5 million in early-stage investment from global investors

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