Sharifah Alia Alsagoff

Director of Business Development at Dropee

Sharifah Alia Alsagoff is the Business Development Director at – a YCombinator-backed B2B SaaS company that solves procurement and distribution challenges for 10,000+ businesses. Being a problem-solver by nature, Alia has established win-win strategic partnerships and led supply chain technology adoption which resulted in a 300%+ Year-on-Year growth rate since 2018. Prior to Dropee, Alia spent 4 years at Maxis where she spearheaded the mass rollout of digital retail solutions for their Enterprise customers as a Product Manager; on top of other notable distribution management and sales channel transformation projects. Alia is extremely passionate about helping individuals unlock their potential and continuously grow into the best possible version of themselves. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Marketing) from the University of Melbourne.