Mazlita Mat Hassan

CEO / Co-Founder at Unoya Sdn Bhd

Mazlita is the CEO and Co-Founder of RECQA, an Edutech startup based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. RECQA (RECorded Question and Answer) is a platform that preserves collective knowledge to align people, processes, and best practices within a community and an organisation. RECQA acts as a centralised, crowdsourced searchable knowledge-based repository for team members to structure, manage and share their learnings (similar to an internal Wiki) as well as connecting with Subject Expert Matters for mentorship within the community.

RECQA is being deployed by various communities and organisations, namely Malaysia's Ministry of Education on their digital learning platform called DELIMa, as the knowledge sharing platform for teachers to share their teaching resources with other teachers. To date, there are more than 14000 teachers actively contributing and consuming these resources. RECQA is also used by Proficeo, an accelarator to connect technoprenuers and expert within the ecosystem.

Previously, she exited a start-up she co-founded called Recite Lab, where she and her team developed a mobile-app called Recite, a social-based Al-Quran mastering platform, with userbase in Malaysia and Indonesia. She holds a BSc and MPhil. Computer Science from the University College London and Birkbeck College of the University of London respectively, specialising in Web Data Mining. She has written several research papers in this area that appeared in renowned international journals and conferences. Previously, Mazlita spent 11 years in London, studying and working at various companies, mainly providing consultancy work in IT and Web Data Mining