Lorna Timbah

Author, Trainer and Speaker at Cybernet

With a combination of more than 20 years' experience in ICT, business, administration and education, Lorna has provided and consultation to a wide range of groups, from government officials, CIOs, entrepreneurs, to colleges, students and children, in Kota Kinabalu and beyond.

Lorna often volunteers for and organises grassroot community tech groups and events. She founded Google Developer Group Kota Kinabalu and Women Techmakers Kota Kinabalu, and has been the Lead Organiser for Startup Weekend Kota Kinabalu. She also mentored for Startup Weekend YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative).

Lorna is the author of the book “Beginner Mobile App Development using App Inventor 2 currently available via Amazon com and http :://books lornatimbah com