Eizaz Azhar

General Manager, Head of Corporate Strategy at HDC

I am an entrepreneur with a penchant for adventure, and have been building businesses since 2005. My business ventures have included projects with government-linked corporations to deploy artificial intelligence products and blockchain-based certification systems, private sector broadcasting studio construction, and music retail stores. As a frontier market specialist, I have also advised businesses such as a major bank in Thailand and an international FMCG company in Myanmar.

In 2005 I established my flagship venture, Guitar Empire, which eventually became one of the largest music stores in Malaysia. I also co-founded the production company HCK Studios in 2014, as both a partnership and subsidiary of the public-listed HCK Capital Group. I continue to manage all my companies despite my various other professional activities, where the decentralized structure of the companies and solid fundamentals I built up over the years have allowed me to manage them only when necessary - giving me leverage to pursue other opportunities, partnerships, or expanding my knowledge, such as a full-time MBA course.

Interpersonal skills are both a forte and personal passion of mine, and I utilize them fully as an experienced entrepreneur with strong negotiating and business development experience. I also possess a well-connected network of Malaysian-based business leaders and maintain close relationships with local policymakers, a necessary investment for any businessman based in Southeast Asia.

Very much a kampung boy at heart, I see myself an entrepreneur by profession; a musician by calling; and a humanist by birth.