MYHackathon Graduation Stories, Overcoming Challenges Together for More Grounded, Better, Sharper Solutions

National level challenges are unique. In an ideal world, government services will have a straightforward approach. When people come to government services, they expect their forms to be processed, documentation affairs to be dealt with. We appreciate a smooth experience when receiving government services. In different shoes, frontliners and officers working in the government would also appreciate processes that are streamlined better for their user’s experience. 

In 2020, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) took on the bold step of creating a hackathon. One of the key pillars of the MYHackathon programme is that it focuses on the use of technology and digitalisation as a means to improve the delivery of key public services to the Rakyat. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this series of hackathons (6 in total) was run 90% online. Participants were invited from all walks of life, from students to entrepreneurs and also innovators.

All factors were taken into consideration, including the context that these teams were essentially pitching to as Business to Government (B2G). Ideas that were highlighted by all winners are solutions that have been through a rigorous judging process by credible judges and experts in various fields of startups, company, and government professionals. The bigger challenge is now for the winners to validate their solutions by completing a pilot project.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) for STI Content

One of the problem statements in MYHackathon included a call on how to increase public engagement for the institutions that promote Science and Technology Information (STI) for the theme “Inovasi Asas Pembangunan” for MYHackathon Pulau Pinang.

Building their team with the mindset of growing as a company since Day 1, NIUTECS VENTURES SDN BHD started aggressively with a 14 sized team, training interns in the new Roblox and Metaverse Game environment scripts.

NIUTECS staff is building a metaverse game.

They, as a solution, are the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)’s digital community developer and manager by building game metaverses and enabling the ministry to grow, profile, manage and constantly engage their community through gamification digitally.

With this concept, government agencies will no longer be behind in marketing to communities as the platform enables them to conduct digital marketing as well as utilising and leveraging the core of the Metaverse environment.

MOSTI World, NIUTECS metaverse game display for the Pusat Sains Negara

As of now, they are looking for their next Seed Round to go Regional and build the community visitors by 1 million by the year end. Currently, they are presenting to Petrosains and Hong Leong Bank Berhad for expansion.

Modernising Social Welfare Processes Powered by Digitisation

MyPDK is a platform tailor by Quad Lab Sdn Bhd made for the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) to manage and streamline their Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Program which was created by the Disabled Development Department (JPPWD) and the Department of  Social Welfare (JKM).

A strategy in the development of local communities for rehabilitation, training, education, opportunities equalization and social integration of people with disabilities, MyPDK’s goal is to enable the PDK Program to move towards being ‘paperless’ and fully digitalise the end-to-end spectrum of the PDK Program management and operations.

A meeting between Quad Lab with the Social Welfare Department (JKM)

“The original idea that was pitched was called ‘MyOKU’ but the idea was not able to be further developed due to circumstances whereby similar projects were already underway within JKM. Despite that, another area was identified which needed improvement which was the PDK Program – hence MyPDK was born.” Still recognising that the team has the needed service and experience with the collaborating agency, this pilot project will be rolled out by the end of this year. Once it is fully implemented, it is targeted to impact nearly 565 PDKs and 14,000 disabled people who are attending the PDKs.

Keeping Track of Women’s Health Services with Antenatal Digital Record

In every country, women are respected figures and are the backbone of the society because they naturally give birth to our future, strong, and healthy generations. This, the phase of pregnancy is an important phase and should be given ample attention so the process will be experienced easily by all mothers.

Understanding this, this aspect is given emphasis through the problem statement of the MYHackathon 2020 series for Kuala Terengganu, “Rakyat Sihat Sejahtera”. A winner of this series is the BukuPink solution, an app for pregnant women that can store and track pregnancy records digitally. BukuPink is an antenatal digital record tracker and an app that is dedicated to help mothers-to-be.

BukuPink collaboration with the clinic

With BukuPink, this solution helps clinics to digitise physical pink books that are currently in use for pregnant mothers and to enable clinics to safely store them for safekeeping. Prior to this, it was a national challenge to transition physical pink books into a digital version that came to be BukuPink.

By far, BukuPink has been deployed to Klinik Kesihatan Ayer Keroh on November 2021 for a 2 month testing period and is the first digital pregnancy book and system deployed to any government government owned clinic.

Implementation of the BukuPink pilot project at Ayer Keroh Health Clinic, Melaka.

Facilitating the First Year of A Human: An Electronic Version of Baby’s Medical Records

AnakApp is designed to digitise the physical copy of the Buku Rekod Kesihatan Bayi dan Kanak-Kanak and aims to mitigate the common problem of losing valuable medical records.

This app helps parents to shed light on their baby’s vaccination history and anthropometry data, structure their information and keep an eye on upcoming vaccinations. No matter where you are, as long as you have your phone with you, your baby’s medical records are just at the tip of your fingertips.

A nurse from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, testing the AnakApp system.

Having successfully deployed their solution at local health clinics, they can monitor the user’s behaviours throughout the testing period. From here, they will further refine the product and work closely with the ministry to scale and deploy their products to more health clinics. In the meantime, they’ll continue to look for collaboration with potential partners who can help them outreach their products to more users.

Accountability In Practice with Digital Records of Public Assets Management and Maintenance

Malaysia Infrastructure Reporting & Assessment (MIRA) provides integrated end-to-end services for the management and maintenance of public assets.

MIRA consists of 4 core components consisting of Complaint (Aduan), Assessment (Penilaian), Reporting (Laporan), and Intelligence (Kepintaran) or simply ‘CARI’.

A moment of MIRA’s victory as the winner for MYHackathon Kuching Marathon category.

It integrates the complaints system of various government agencies to provide an easy access for the people to lodge complaints of damaged public assets. As of November 2021, 2,310 public assets have been registered into the app from ten different ministerial departments. Around 600 examiners from JKR have been registered on this same app.

With this, it enables public asset maintenance activities to be carried out and monitored directly including asset inspection and valuation, production of maintenance reports as well as the calculation of maintenance costs in an integrated manner. Close to 50 thousand discovery sheets have been recorded for initial inspection of public assets, and it enabled almost 2,500 generated reports for completed inspection of public assets. 

All generated reports have a score and rating, and the app includes suggestions for improvement, and an estimated maintenance cost. The MIRA app is currently available in two versions which are web and mobile.

Main view of the MIRA application dashboard.

This MYHackathon winning solution is now being adapted by the collaborating government agency. MIRA will be rebranded to the Aplikasi Pemeriksaan Keadaan Aset (iPKAAT), a request made by JKR themselves. JKR will now take on the ownership of the MIRA/iPKAAT app.

Making The Best Out of The Lessons

The reality of digitalising government solutions is that it takes more than just a solution. Everyone has ideas. We use ideas everyday, and we improve upon them from time to time. It involves the education of change and processes for all collaborators and implementers. It involves continuous learning, challenging assumptions and to have the willingness to change to achieve a productive outcome.

MYHackathon is an initiative under the Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) to tackle big and real national challenges in serving the Rakyat. It is a great event to experience and we are thankful to be part of a hackathon where it’s winners have the tenacity, patience, and ability to attempt solving these challenges. 

We believe that Science Technology and Innovation provides some solutions for these problems. We all know the many methods, and we look ahead to create plans. We also believe in the Rakyat. Solutions mean little, if they cannot be implemented and the people cannot benefit from our big ideas. For the marathon category winners in MYHackathon 2020, We appreciate and celebrate their commitment, efforts and sacrifices in the marathon journey as they realise their solutions till the completion of the pilot project stage.

Well done and congratulations to the first cohort of MYHackathon 2020. May their dedication be an inspiration for all Malaysians to create more digital innovations in the next edition!

All 1800 MYHackathon participants had at least 10k hours of mentoring & coaching. With the deliberation of more than 100 shortlisting judges, 123 finalists were identified.  At the MYHackathon 2020 online Final Pitch, the help of 60 final judges made it possible for MYHackathon to meet its 37 winners.

Since becoming winners of MYHackathon 2020; 19 Marathon category winners have been developing their pilot solution using a total of RM5.4 million disbursed under the PENJANA Initiative.

MYHackathon 2020 commenced in October 2020 and the 36 winners have milestones to deliver within the following year of their win. This initiative is led by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) as the main secretariat, supported by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), UniMAKER, Telekom Malaysia and local state partners.
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